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Financial Systems For Builders

100% Free Online Training Covering How To Increase Profits By Gaining A Better Understanding Of Your Financials So You Can Avoid Running Into Cash Flow Challenges

Construction Financials
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The number inside your accounts that 95% of accounts get wrong and results in builders paying tens of thousands of dollars in tax on profits that never existed.

The mystery behind how a custom home builder lost 10.8% gross profit on every single project.

How to predict the boom times for building companies and avoid getting caught out by the recessions that always follow.

How to implant a financial system into your custom home building company.

The #1 mistake 93% of custom home builders make when they try to make more money from their building companies.

The myth that is stopping residential home builders from increasing their margins.

Case study: how a financial system transformed a residential builder from ‘surviving’ to ‘growing’.

Construction Financials
Construction Financials

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Understand the difference between markup versus margin and which one is best to use to achieve your desired profit.

Discover the difference between gross margin versus net margin.

Understanding the difference between the cost of sale versus your fixed expenses and why it’s critical to factor this into your pricing strategy.

Learn the importance of understanding your numbers and why not knowing this can lead to failure.

Calculate your fixed expenses as a percentage of your revenue.

Benchmark your building company against industry standards.

Determine the exact net margin your building company needs in order to be profitable.

And much, MUCH more!

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