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Using Mindset To Increase Sales
​​​​​​​How you can improve your mindset and avoid
being held back by self-limiting beliefs

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  • Why builders with a growth mindset outperform the builders with a fixed mindset every day.
  • Why younger builders experience success faster than older builders… even when they follow the same strategy.
  • Why having a positive ‘can do’ attitude is not enough to guarantee success… and even makes it harder for builders to succeed.
  • The #1 thing you can do to motivate both yourself and your team.
  • What 76% of highly successful people spend 30 minutes doing every day.
  • Why your subconscious stops you from winning that extra contract.

  • [Case Study] How a custom home builder went from 0% net profit to holding over $600k in cash reserves in less than 3 years.


Hear From Other Builders Who Have Attended...

APB Member

"Great course.
Very informative.
Gets the mind going!"

Mark Kendrick
Kendrick Construction
United States


"Helped us align our objectives and truly reflect on what direction we need to go to meet our goals."

Rick McCarthy
HR2 Construction

APB Member

"It helped me visualize what is needed to be successful. I am committed to putting this process into action."

Timothy Killebrew
Killebrew Custom Building
United States

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