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90 Day Planning & Goal Setting

How To Create A Business Plan For Your Building Company That Enables You To Build More Homes.

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  • How the most successful builders are using data to make the key decisions in their building companies.
  • The secret technique used by every top performer and athlete BEFORE they do any physical work and how you can use it to accelerate your results.
  • How John and Paul built a swimming pool using timber and lead, and how you can use the same process to build more homes.
  • How to grow a building company in 90 days.
  • Why you are unable to hit the targets you recorded in your business plan.
  • Why you made less profit when you scaled up your building company.
  • Case study: How a young builder has taken the residential construction industry by storm and the system he used in order to achieve his goals.

Hear From Other Builders Who Have Attended...

Webinar Attendee

"It’s very clear and great to get a better understanding where to focus."

Webinar Attendee

"I like that it gave me a big picture view."

Webinar Attendee

"A great simple exercise for goal setting and running quarterly meetings."

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