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“I've been advising the construction industry for many years and often thought why there hasn't been a book containing all the tricks of the trade from a business standpoint, until now. This is a great volume of practical advice that makes total sense to apply immediately, for your own benefit. I'm extremely impressed and will share this far and wide with my network. Especially the professional builders!"

- Jonathan MacDonald, award-winning bestselling author of ‘Powered by Change’ and one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in the world on the topics of change, digital transformation, mindset, innovation, strategy and the future.


What is Professional Builders Secrets? 

It is NOT just another generic business coaching book on how to scale your generic business. 

It is NOT just about generating leads and signing more contracts - yet these secrets will help you to do that and exponentially MORE.

It is NOT about working less hours in your business - yet the things you will learn in this book can help you systemise your building company so it can operate without you MORE than you could ever imagine.

Professional Builders Secrets is a SHORTCUT.

In this book, we’re going to share with you the systems that successful builders across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States are implementing into their building companies. 

These professional builders are able to generate more leads and close more sales at higher margins, while also improving the client experience.  

Inside you will find the actual systems and processes that we created after working with hundreds of builders in dozens of niches and perfecting what we know works.

You will have access to all the processes that we use to make our builders the most sought-after experts in the industry.




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You’re Getting THREE Special Bonuses (Valued At USD$494) Absolutely FREE!

We want you to have EVERY advantage in growing a building company by generating more leads, closing more sales at higher margins and while also improving the client experience.

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FREE BONUS #1: The State of Residential Construction Industry 2021 Annual Report (Value USD$297)
Over 1,000 residential home builders from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand took part in this survey to create the most comprehensive industry report covering marketing, sales, financials and operations.

This report reveals what is really going on behind closed doors for an independent custom home building company.
Inside The Downloadable Report You Will Discover...
✔ How much gross profit your competitors added to their jobs in 2020 ​
✔ How much they are planning to mark up their jobs in 2021 ​

✔ How much your competitors spent on advertising in 2020
✔ How much they drew as a salary in 2020 and how that compared to 2019 ​
✔ What the biggest marketing challenge your competitors faced in 2020 was
✔ What your competitors use to attract new leads
✔ ​How much your competitors invested in training in 2020 ​
✔ How your competitors performed in 2020, and if they are expecting to grow in 2021
& Much more!

State Of Residential Construction Industry 2021 Report
State Of Residential Construction Industry 2021 Report
The Sales Blueprint For Builders

FREE BONUS #2: The Builder’s Sales Blueprint Booklet (Value USD$197)

The Builder’s Sales Blueprint is the #1 roadmap for custom home builders wanting to systemise their sales process to sign more contracts at higher margins. PDF format for instant access.

Inside You'll Discover...
✔ The #1 secret that successful builders are using to avoid having to build for problem clients.
✔ The 3 essential steps of every successful sales process.

✔ Why providing free quotes doesn't work for residential home builders. How to stay on track and avoid trimming your margin in order to win jobs
& Much more!

FREE BONUS #3: Professional Builders Secrets Private Facebook Group (Value: Priceless!)

Become a member of our private Facebook group specifically created for like minded custom home builders and renovation specialists to meet, exchange ideas and improve the consumer experience by delivering better customer service through systemisation.

Inside You Will...
✔ Hear about the latest industry updates through news articles, podcasts and press releases
✔ Share ideas and advice with other residential custom home builders

✔ Be the first to know about our FREE online presentations
& Much more!

Professional Builders Secrets FB Group

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Introducing Professional Builders Secrets -
How Custom Home Builders Can Sign More Contracts at Higher Margins While Delivering a Better Client Experience

Professional Builders Secrets Book
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Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...

Discover how one of our members was able to produce twelve months of high-quality content for less than a few hours of work. APB’s content marketing process is highly leveraged and it protects your time. Inside this book, we detail the exact process you need to follow to get the maximum value out of the content you create. Pg. 14

Discover how a custom home builder signed more contracts in quarter two of 2020 than he had ever signed before. This builder’s business took off in a time when almost everyone else in the industry was struggling—all because of his content marketing strategy. Pg. 21

Discover how a builder’s lead generation went from zero to over two hundred leads per month. While accomplishing those numbers, his advertising spend actually decreased from $30,000 to $21,000. So, he spent less money advertising his building company, but his lead generation absolutely exploded. Pg. 33

Discover how one of our members implemented the 3X3 Strategy and 7-11 Rule, which led to them receiving emails saying “You’re the only builder that we want to deal with. What’s the next step?” pg. 58

Discover the pricing model that has helped hundreds of custom home builders understand what their fixed expenses actually are, what they are likely to be in the future, and how much needs to be added to jobs to ensure an acceptable net profit on every job. Pg. 93

Discover how implementing a construction slot planner changed everything for one of our members. In his own words “It was fantastic because for new prospects, I was able to show how much demand there was for our services, which built trust and allowed me to create urgency for people to take the next step and get moving on the design.” Pg. 99.




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“I have followed Russ and Sky for years now and can honestly say that this is the most comprehensive guide of the things they preach and teach. It puts every idea in a linear format that is easy to follow and implement. They even provide the tools to work it out. It works and my business has grown as a result of these principles."

- Robert Carroll, NAHB nominees committee member and construction company owner.