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How Custom Home Builders Can Generate More Leads And More Sales At Higher Margins, While Delivering A Better Experience For Their Clients

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Worksheet For Marketing Your Building Company-1

Worksheet For Marketing Your Building Company

This worksheet will allow you to uncover your ideal client’s desires, fear’s and pain points so you can  attract more of the people that you want to build for while also repelling the people you’d rather avoid! 

Identify your niche and uncover your avatar using this worksheet!

Marketing Content Ideas  Swipe File-1

Marketing Content Ideas Swipe File

40+ content ideas for you to implement in your building company’s marketing strategy. 

Facebook Advertising  Cheat Sheet-1

Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheet

Our Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet will help you understand:

  • The types of Facebook Ads
  • Pixels and conversions
  • Audiences & Budgets
    & More!
Builders Qualifying  Checklist-1

Builders’ Qualifying Checklist

7 qualifying questions you must ask so you can qualify brand new leads on the very first phone call. 

  • Scripts for connecting with brand new enquiries so you can professionally keep the call progressing.
  • Why budget is not the #1 qualifier and when you should be asking for this information. 
  • How to stop producing free quotes and start qualifying new enquiries quickly.
    & More!
Builders’ Sales  Blueprint-1

Builders’ Sales Blueprint

  • Access the proven sales process for a building company and discover the #1 secret that successful builders are using to avoid having to build for problem clients.
  • Explore the 3 essential steps of every successful sales process and why providing free quotes doesn't work for residential home builders.
Objection Handling  Cheat Sheet-1

Objection Handling Cheat Sheet

Download the 7 most common objections you’ll hear from prospects and you can  uncover the underlying reason to overcome it using empathy, listening skills and reasoning.

90-Day Planning  Template-1

90-Day Planning Template

Strategic 90 day planning template to set goals for your building company, targets and action items.

Construction Financials  Video Training-1

Construction Financials Video Training

Video training covering the benchmarks for gross profit, net profit, advertising spend and fixed expenses for a home building company.

Professional Builders’ Secrets To Increasing Margins-1

Professional Builders’ Secrets To Increasing Margins

#1 checklist for understanding construction financials and increasing your margins.

Construction Slot  Planner-1

Construction Slot Planner

Download as a Google sheet or excel document to forecast the available construction slots in your building company.

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