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Supply Chain Solutions For Custom Home Builders

How Professional Builders Can Remain Profitable During Supply Chain Challenges

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  • How to stay profitable during construction supply chain challenges.
  • The difference in challenges of being in the construction industry between Australia and the United States
  • How builders are navigating the challenges and opportunities associated with the construction boom
  • How builders are using technology to their advantage 
  • & much more! 
Supply Chain Solutions

Meet The Speakers:

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Ryan Lipchek

VP Sales/Region President,

Ryan joined CBUSA in 2008, and quickly made an impact by helping start several new CBUSA markets nationwide and enhancing the leadership team’s ability to develop new business strategies and sales models. Ryan’s extensive homebuilding experience and innate business skills provide a unique perspective to the custom building industry, and his passion comes through in every meeting with CBUSA members and prospective members alike.

Before joining CBUSA, Ryan spent 10 years with one of the largest building companies in the country, Ryan Homes. He excelled in both production and sales, and won several prestigious awards during his tenure, including MVP of Northeast Ohio, Platinum Club Sales, and the highest honour on the building side of the company, Master Builder.

Russ Stephens

Russ Stephens

Co-founder, The Association of Professional Builders

Russ Stephens is the co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders, a leading business coaching company dedicated to improving the residential construction industry for both builders and consumers.  

Since 2014 he has been helping builders double the size of their businesses through profitable growth. The Association of Professional Builders excels in providing cutting-edge systems, world-class support, and sales & marketing training to the construction industry. 

Russ calls on 38 years of experience in business, combining that with the lessons that had been learned from working closely with some of the most successful custom home builders in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Bosco Anthony

Bosco Anthony

Digital Strategist, Elevate Communications

As the Digital Marketing Director at Elevate, Bosco focuses on digital client management. Bosco designs and executes digital marketing strategies, tactics, campaigns and programs to achieve client growth.

Having roots in Tanzania, East Africa, Bosco spent much of his professional career in Vancouver, Canada but now calls Brisbane and Elevate Communication home. Bosco is recognised for his executive mentorship, digital growth spirit and passion for operational maturity. Bosco’s knowledge of the digital industry stems from his previous roles as a digital strategist, international consultant and digital agency lead, from which he has gained extensive knowledge of the digital and social media landscape.


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